Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Some things....

Korea is truly an amalgam...yesterday i stood around a table in the office at work and ate food with the principal and vice and a few other teachers. None of them spoke English but the vice-principal insisted on making polite conversation - in Korean, which i don't speak. Eventually we concluded that he was older than my father, and then he tried to feed me.
Tis voting season over here in Gwangju and what do you think that means? Speeches about the things promised if elected? Not exactly, instead intersections are filled with the sounds of loud music blaring from trucks whilst women dressed in the colours of the campaigner endlessly do a little dance to the passing traffic. Occasionally the campaigner himself is there and he waves and bows to the people in their cars while displaying which number he is so that you know what to write down on voting day.
And my favorite thing in Korea is without a doubt the young kids. Everywhere you look there a tiny little things wandering along, their black hair sticking up in tufts and their dark eyes gleaming with curiosity about the strange looking person who smiles at them. You know that South Korea is a safe place when you see 3 tiny children, who cannot be older than 4, waddling along holding hands - with no adult in sight. Pictures of this adorable phenomenon will eventually follow.

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  1. Oh yes! I am soon to post some of my own pics and going on's that I have observed from these campaigns. The choreographed movements are a great way to pass the time while on the bus I must say :)
    Anyways im enjoying the snippets you too post here, keem em coming!