Sunday, 28 February 2010

A start to the Year in South Korea

As we sit in a coffe shop very unaptly named "Kenya" the heart of a metropolitan South Korean city, abusing the free internet, with only a single cup of coffee between the two of us to justify our being here, we bicker and argue about what to write. How do we introduce ourselves...what is there to say and what do we wish to talk about. After an argument and a period of silence in which far more was said than before...I extend the proverbial olive branch, "Darling, here is my white flag. You are my white flag.

Alas, words are far less useful than people give them credit for...Be a person of action: I refuse to further pummel into the ground an already beaten to death proverb. I...we rather, (the collective Western population, in a country where, to my highly unexperienced and naive experience thus far, provides us with far from a linguistic foot on which to stand to gain any form of support) are here to make the most of words, in an attempt to bring together people and nations who are by my accounts thus far, different, save our collective humanity. Are we here to validate and perpetuate the need for a common language? Is this our shared purpose? Could we ever truly resurrect the old Tower of Babel.

As I gaze through a window and muse about the lives of the checkered blazered school children who strut by, sporting umbrellas and curious, somewhat atavistic glances, I wonder what part I,we are to play here...

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