Sunday, 28 March 2010

Triumph in Costco

So this weekend we decided to head off to Seoul, just having received our first real world pay cheque and all. Now i'm not sure how common it is to make a 4 1/2 hour bus ride each way for a day...but that is indeed what we did. So in total (including the time spent in the subway), according to my astute calculations, we spent 12 of our 36 hours in public transport. Was it worth it? Depends what knocks your socks off...

Considering that after such a short, brief, miniscule time in the city...and half our pay cheque later, perhaps not. However, a day of ecstasy, orgies and multiple shots of tequila and bungee jumping for just under a million won each isn't too bad by my standards. Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration of our day. But i must say that we achieved all we set out to how many of you can say that about your days???

Ok, so we each set off with a particular goal in mind. Huke's aim was to acquire a brand spanking new acoustic guitar, naturally with the aim to win the hearts of the koreans with his serenading. I, however, took a far more devious route. My aim was to buy a laptop and with this new, shiny (yes it is shiny) computer I plan to win the hearts of Koreans mastering Starcraft and WoW.Yup, the computer comes with geek speak included. lol.

The only thing that may have slightly dampened the beauty of our trip was our Costco experience...our first ever. So we hear that there is this wonderous place called Costco where you can purchase such things as oatmeal, almonds and giant jars of peanut butter for wholesale prices. With gleaming eyes we venture through Seoul to find this shining gem and it is everything we dreamed, with tasters. Eagerly our eyes peruse the shelves and shelves of western delicacies, we push through the masses of korean families to get our paws on whichever taster is nearest, all the while planning our shopping list. Only then do we find out that it costs 35000 won per year for membership, and seeing as how we live in Gwangju which has not been graced with the presence of the bountiful Costco, we figure its not worth it. Tired, harassed and dejected we wade to the exit...but before we reach it our eyes alight on a giant pizza box. The biggest we've ever seen, and the bonus is it's only 12 500 won. So take that Costco, you giant conglomerate, we may not be able to shop in the hallowed aisles of your stores, but at least we can eat your giant, greasy, cheap pizza. So there.

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  1. Costco usually provides a free one-day shopping pass so you can decide on whether or not you want to join. Just go to the membership desk and inquire about it.