Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pizza Anyone?

Well the weekened is over, and I am attempting to come to terms with the fact that half my pay cheque is Holly said, orgies and such cost money, and I have yet to remove the taste of weed and hooker spit from my mouth. Thanks Peter, I owe you one.

While goals were achieved, and costco somewhat (but not at all) conquered (when you are paying them money you are always losing my dear), I cannot help but feel that there is something more to take away from our little sojourn. As foreigners I think we all, to some degree at least, attempt to fit in with the culture...with the people, the places, the language, the ways of eating and drinking. We wish to be accepted and taken in with open arms, and to some extent we are. But as a result of our high noses, bright eyes and big heads, we will always be seen as somewhat different. I could have lived here for ten years, after having completely assimilated into the culture, and still be greeted on the streets with "wow, welcome to Korea". So why not embrace it, life is more fun that way.

When you realise that you are being stared at because you are sitting on the side of the street, next to a bicycle rack, eating a pizza which would feed a family of 4, but costs the normal price of 1 come to realise the beauty of the situation. We are now travellers. This revelation only to be reinforced when on public transport, we reach into the free plastic packet we have bummed from a Family Mart, and feed on the crusted remnants. People say day old pizza, some say cold pizza...I say pizza out of a cheap plastic packet: traveller/hobo, who can really make the distinction?I may have turned into those I so regularly berated. Although I cannot help but feel that there is something slightly more dignified about eating pizza as opposed to the incessant knawing and sucking on chicken bones...but that's just me.

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