Sunday, 28 March 2010

While we were in Seoul we visited an area called Insadong which is the area that is clearly aimed at tourists. Everywhere you look there are 'tradtional' tea houses, shops selling Korean souvenirs and stalls selling Korean snacks. But just down the alley, housed behind the quaint tea house, Huke and I booked into our, um, luxurious love motel.
Now don't get me wrong i was grateful for a bed, and one with a lovely warm electric blanket at that. But the half-used lotion and body oil were worrying. Worst of all was the red light bulb emitting it's dim, seedy glow that seemed to say "yes, you will perform all sorts of depraved sexual acts...just as the many others before you have done". But seeing as how i have yet to come up with any odd rashes or an intense need to scratch, i feel like a came through a stronger person.
One highlight of our stay in Insadong, apart from the 7000 won cup of tea, was coming across a band busking to a fair sized crowd. Now we are unsure if they're called Four Brothers or Poor Brothers, but we enjoyed them thoroughly. There was a damn good rendition of Jason Mraz - I'm yours and then some Korean pop covers (i think). But the highlight was the bands own song...the only words of which we could make out were What Whaaat Whaaaaattttt! sung by the vocalist and then screamed in a variety of imaginative ways by the bassist. I must say it was a very memorable song. From now on 'what' may never be a dull-sounding word...thanks Four/Poor Brothers.

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